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                             HAPPY NEW YEAR REDLINE!!!!!!


Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 3.36.27 PMWe are happy to announce that we now stock Ascent Protein products at CrossFit Redline. If you’ve been around Redline for any length of time, you know that we have had very few supplements that we stock and sell. Reason? There have been so few that I trust enough to stand behind and sell to our members.

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 3.37.55 PMAscent Protein is different. Whey and Casein Proteins are by-products of the cheese making process. The parent company of Ascent owns the country’s largest Mozzarella cheese manufacturing operation. For years they have simply sold off the raw whey and casein protein to supplement companies who would then make it into protein powder. This requires several additional steps or processes that includes heating, often multiple times, hydrolyzing (break down with chemical reaction) and adding fillers which lessens the quality and quantity of the final protein product. With Ascent’s access to vast herds of Colorado diary cattle, they developed the process for deriving their proteins directly from milk, thereby skipping the Cheese making process and all of the additional processes that typical supplement companies go through yielding a cleaner, less processed protein that delivers on its nutrition facts and contains no additional fillers. I stand behind this product, use this product and feel confident in recommending and selling it at Redline. I will have sample days coming up, as well as some give aways of some cool Ascent gear so keep your eyes on the Redline Facebook page.



“CrossFit Total”

Find your 1 Rep Max for the Following:

Back Squat
Strict Press
Dead Lift

Now is an important time to collect as much data as possible. Bring a journal, spiral notebook, or type the results of your training into the notes section of your phone.


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