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As we kick off the new year, many are trying to nail down what exactly are their own personal strengths and weaknesses and where their time best spent in order to get to the next level of fitness. Let me provide you a way to evaluate your lifts in the gym and how they relate to each other to create a clearer picture of your current strength levels. Keep in mind, this is exactly what use to program your workouts and keep you getting stronger year after year.

In CrossFit, the fitness we seek is very broad and general. We need a balance of the 10 General Skills and also a balance of speed and strength. We also want to see a proper relationship between upper body pulling and pushing. Observing these relationships isn’t hard and here’s how I do it with athletes that I program for as well as the membership of Redline.

Your back squat 1 rep max is the anchor for the other lifts we will compare against it.

Your Dead lift should equal 125% of your back squat.

Your Front Squat should equal 85% of your back squat.

Your Power Clean should equal 65% of your back squat.

Your Power Snatch should equal 55% of your back squat.

Your Power Clean and Your close grip bench press should be equal.

Strict press divided by Weighted Pull up (Bodyweight + added weight) equal to .65

There are several other relationships that can be used and applied in this way but this should give you some insight into where you need work.


For time:

Run 1 Mile for time, then
40 KBS
30 Anchored Sit Ups
20 Wall Balls


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