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3 Rounds Not for Time
Run 200
Gym Length Bear Crawl forward with DBs + Gym Length Bear Crawl reverse- no DBs



A: Push Press @21X2; 5,4,3,2,5; rest 2 mins b/t sets – build from past couple weeks – stay focused on strict tempo and get that OH Stronger! Second 5 is heavier than the first 5.
B1: DB Incline Bench; 3111; 4-6; rest 30sec- using Med Ball for incline and support
B2: Strict Pull Up @21X2; 3-5reps; rest 30sec (wtd if you can)  try to pause 1sec on the lowering at 90 degree arm position. Scale to ring row at same reps and tempo.
B3: 3-Point DB Row @2011; 8-10/arm; rest 30sec  video here
B4: Wtd. Hollow Hold – hold light plate in your hand overhead and a light DB between your feet if you can; 20-30sec; rest 1 mins x 3 sets
C: 3 Rounds @ increasing effort
Row 15/10 Cals Hard
rest 30sec
12 DB Z Press (challenge yourself with load)
rest 30sec
Row 15/10 Cals Hard
rest 30sec
30sec Single arm Plank per arm – this can be done from the elbow or the hands-you choose
rest 30sec

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