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The 2017 CrossFit Games season is upon us and registration has begun for the Opens!!! Those of you who have been with us for previous Opens, you know how much fun it is and how it can push you to be your best. If this is your first Opens, get ready for the largest fittest competition in the world!!!

CrossFit athletes from around the world will compete in weekly events designed and released by CrossFit with the ultimate goal of narrowing down the field of over 250,000 to less that 300 that will compete at the CrossFit Games for the Title Fittest On Earth.

Each Friday night during the Opens, we will host our annual “Friday Night Lights” event, where we all step up not only as athletes, but also a judges, fans and cheerleaders as we complete the events in true Redline style.

We’ll go more into the “Friday Night Lights” format in the next week. For now, get over to to register!!!!


With an 8 minute cap, continue as far as possible;

2 Thrusters (95/65)
3 Toe To Bar
4 Thrusters
5 Toe To Bar
6 Thrusters
7 Toe To Bar

Continue adding 2 reps to each the Thruster and Toe To Bar until time is called.


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