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Warm Up: 3 sets not for time-
Gym Length Bear Crawl
Crossbody DB Dead Lift @20X1; 8-10- touch DB to floor just in front of opposite toe.
Arrested Superman 20 seconds
Static Hang 20 seconds
DB Glute Bridge Floor Press 8-10 @30X1; 8-10

Specific Movement Prep: 8-10 minutes, spending time with each piece. Every 2-3 minutes gradually build movement and load toward standard.
Single Arm DB Upright Row
Single Arm DB Push Press with 2 second hold Overhead
DB Snatch


DB Snatch
Burpees over DB

New standards issued for both movements-

DB snatch- The transition of the DB between hands must now take place below eye level.

Burpee- both feet must move and forth simultaneously to be considered Rx, you must also jump and land with both feet. Finally, you will also be required to stand completely before jumping over the DB


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