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In late November I was invited to be a guest on Dr. Scott Mills podcast Full Body Fix to discuss Program Design for groups and individuals. The podcast just aired and can be heard through this link to the Podcast

We covered a lot of ground, from the beginnings of CrossFit Redline to our current program and prep for the 2018 Opens. If you are interested in learning more about how we approach program design for groups and for individuals please give it a listen. As always, I would be happy to answer questions you may come up with after listening. Click this link  to listen to the show.


3 Sets
12 Tall Kneeling KB Push Press (alternating one arm at a time – 6/arm)
10 Half Kneeling Landmine Twist per knee


A1: Clean Complex 3 Hang Clean Pull + 2 Clean Pull  + 1 Power Clean (3 second pull to knees before exploding into the power clean) rest 30 seconds.
A2: Single Arm DB Complex 4 Push Press + Push Jerk + 4 Split Jerk*; rest 90sec X 3 sets. The leg that goes back is the active arm side. You will need to split with both sides for this.
B: Close Grip Floor Press- hands 14″ apart @2020; 1 [6-8]; rest 90sec x 3
*Drop Set – 1 rep tough, take some weight off then perform 6-8 lighter reps still at tempo
C: 3 Rounds for Time
35 Double Unders
8 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press per arm – not alternating
25 anchored abmat sit ups
8 Clean Grip Deadlift (tough load) -no mixed grip
15 Hand Release Push Ups

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