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Redline State Of The Union. 

Join us tomorrow evening, right after the 5:30 class for an informative Q&A on the future and upcoming plans for CrossFit Redline. 


Run 400 meters Easy
*Pick up your pace at each corner of the building. Not a full sprint, just faster.
3 Sets NFT
8 Hang Power Cleans- add a little weight from last week. Speed is still the goal
4 Burpee High Jump

A: Snatch Grip Deadlift @2020 ; 4,4,4- focus on setting up your positions for part B; challenging weight; rest 2 minutes b/t sets.
B: 4 Snatch Complexes
1 Snatch Lift Off (pause 2sec at knee)
1 Snatch High Pull
1 Power Snatch
rest 2mins x 4 sets loads are light enough to work positional strength and speed but heavy enough to challenge you. Time to put it all together and be explosive.

Outside/Inside Workout-

Barbell and Sit Up work done inside
KB work done outside

15mins – Increase tempo every 5mins
Run 200 meters-from the back door to the front steps and inside the gym.
10 Wtd. Sit Ups
5 Clean & Jerk
15 KBS
Choose loads and a pace that allow you you move consistently from one movement to the next with minimal stoppage for rest.

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