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Redline State of The Union

Please join us tonight right after the 5:30pm class for an informative Q&A on the future plans for CrossFit Redline. We’ll discuss where we’ve been, where we are now and most importantly where we are going. I hope to see all of you there.


3 Sets
8 Tall Kneeling KB Press (alternating one arm at a time – 4/arm)
8 Tall Kneeling KB Push Press both arms together
12 Landmine Oblique Twist- standing
A: Clean Complex
2 Clean High Pull -pull bar to nipples, keep it close to you + 2 Power Clean; rest 90sec x 4 sets
B1: Close Grip Floor Press- double drop set @20X1; 2.4.6; rest 90sec before B2  *Drop Set – after 2, drop weight and do 4; drop weight again and do 6 (12 total reps per set).
B2: Push Up @2020 AMRAP- as soon as your tempo breaks the set is over.
C:4 Rounds for Time
50 double unders or singles
12 DB Dead Lifts
9 No Push Up Burpee
6 Toe To Bar


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