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I want to thank everyone who has come to us with such great enthusiasm about the new direction and change to an Individual Design model. While we absolutely understand that change can be scary, Doing workouts that aren’t right for you is too. Struggling along along to learn new skills in a limited time frame or crowded class also isn’t ideal.

That’s why we are so excited about the opportunity to present you with training developed just for you and your unique needs. You get your very own coach to guide that training, listen to your feedback, meet with you one on one, and help direct your nutrition and lifestyle to keep your fitness progressing with out limits. Don’t forget the floor coach and other members around you who make up your support network while at the gym. You’re not alone!! 

I want to give you the chance to experience a small sample of what Individual Design is like for free. The first 14 people who email me at will be enrolled, at no cost,  as part of a group that will meet on Sunday mornings for the next 4 weeks. After a discussion on strengths and weaknesses and what you would like to improve upon, you’ll receive Individual Program Design to help you address them. You’ll be led by a Floor Coach who will be there to coach you, direct, correct and push you toward your goal. You’ll also receive the support of the rest of the group who want you to succeed just as much as you do. You’ll see how nice it is to have workouts designed just for you, while getting the support you know and love from a group.

The first 14 people to email will get a spot for the first 4 weeks starting February 11.



3 Rounds – Increase pace each round
Run 200 meters
20 Feet On Box Pike Shoulder Taps
Gym Length Backward Bear Crawl

A: Push Press 4,4,4 TnG reps; Must hold 3sec OH each rep; rest as needed (building from last week – final week of this progression)
B: Single Arm Dumbbell Complex
3 Single arm DB Push Press R
3 Single arm DB Push Jerk R
3 Single arm DB Split Jerk R
10 Chainsaw Row R   Video Here 
rest 30sec
3 Single arm DB Push Press L
3 Single arm DB Push Jerk L
3 Single arm DB Split Jerk L
10 Chainsaw Row L
rest 2mins x 3

C: 45sec AMRAP
3 Wide Grip Strict Pull Up (Hands 6″ outside shoulder width)
3 Medium Grip Strict Pull Up (Hands shoulder width apart)
3 Narrow Grip Strict Pull Up (Hands 6″ apart)
rest 2mins x 3
*perform as many 3.3.3 rounds as you can in 45sec

If you can not do a standard strict pull, Follow the same plan but with Australian Pull UpsVideo Here

 3 Sets
Row 15/12 Cals
3 strict Pull Ups
6 Kipping Pull Ups
rest 1 minute
Run 200
10 KBS
8-10 Ring Push Ups feet on 20/16″ box
rest 1 mins b/t sets

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