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Today, we are going to work on recovery and the flow of an Active Recovery day. Today is not about power, output, how many reps you can complete etc… Its about breathing, blood circulation and getting back to homeostasis after several days of hard training. If you want to make strides toward your true best, these days should be welcomed and viewed as an opportunity to get better.

A: Active Recovery Day

45mins of Continuous Flow. You should moving in and out of these pieces with little effort and energy expenditure. Mix them up in any order you like. There should be no log jams anywhere because you are in a Flow and able to move around without structure.

PVC work-Press, OHS, Good Morning, Kang Squat (5-7 reps)
20 Seconds Plank Work- front and sides.
Row 15-20 Cals (damper 1)
6 KB Windmill/arm
Run 200- 400m
20sec Static Hang from bar or Rings

*Remember that active recovery is NOT about output. Flow means to allow the systems of the body to work without fatigue. Breathing, circulation, mental focus, all of these things can fill you up when performed consciously and not mindlessly.

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