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The time so many CrossFitters wait for, train for and live for…The Opens. The next 5 weeks will be filled with excitement, challenges, great accomplishments and an opportunity show what you’ve got in the largest fitness event on the planet.

As we have always done, Friday Night Lights will be the place to show your best stuff in the atmosphere you’ve all come to love. Here’s how it works, all regular classes during the day will complete the week’s event and the last class of the day will be the 4:30 class.

From there, Friday Night Lights begins. You will be able to chose a heat time to compete in (first come, first served) and warm up will be on your own. We would love for you to help us with judging too and it makes everything go much smoother when we have plenty of judges.

To register, visit CrossFit Games and get signed up!!!


Warm Up:

Gym Length Bear Crawl

DB Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift- light to start

20 Handstand Hold


With a 5 minute Cap:
Dead Lifts & HR Push Ups (205/135)

Rest 3 minutes

1 attempt for Max Reps:
Wall Ball (20/14)

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