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The 2016 CrossFit Games Opens begins this week and we will begin our series of Friday Night Lights events this Friday and every Friday for the next 5 weeks. Each Friday, the 4:15 class will be the last official class of the day. Starting at 5:30 we will begin heats for the event and continue until all participants are done.

You still have time to register for the Opens but do not have to be registered to participate in Friday Night Lights.

Class programming will change this week to give you an opportunity to perform your best on Friday and again each Friday throughout the Opens.



A: Dead Lift 8, 6, 4, 4, 2; rest 2 minutes b/t sets and build each set.
For time:
30 KBS
15 Pull ups
20 KBS
10 Pull Ups
10 KBS
5 Pull Ups

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