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Today is the day!! The announcement of 17.1 and the start of the 2017 CrossFit Games Opens. Be a part of the largest fitness competition ever held, first by registering to compete, second by watching the live announcement and lastly by taking part each Friday at CrossFit Redline.

Log on to to watch the live announcement from CrossFit Louvre in Paris, France. See two top Games athletes complete the workout and get your first look at what awaits you on Friday.

Here’s a great showdown from last year that will get you fired up for tonight!!!


Today can be:

  1. A full rest day for you. Full and complete. Stay out of the gym, relax, go for a walk, read a book, sleep in or take a nap.
  2. Active recovery and mobility. Spend 10-15 working on upper body mobility and another 10-15 on lower body. This is dedicated time to break up any adhesions, sore spots, increase blood flow and speed recovery. To this you can add in light rowing, biking or an easy paced jog. You should not be loading barbells, working on anything with eccentrics (lowering of weight) or go harder than conversational pace. If you need suggestions on mobility work, ask your coach and they’ll help you out.

There is no right answer to which one you chose. You know your body and how it performs better than anyone. The goal is to come into Friday as rested as possible and feeling ready to go hard.


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