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Warm Up:

10 Glute Bridge
20 Sec Side Plank/ side
20 Hollow Hold
Gym Length Duck Walk

Double Under Practice: 5-7 minutes

Practice and skill work development is done in a No/Low Fatigue environment. If you are still learning double unders use this time to engrain good habits; hands and upper arms held close to the body and slightly forward, shoulders relaxed, work on your bounce and power bounce, rope spins from wrist action. Work on sets of 3-5 and take breaks as needed to avoid frustration and fatigue.

If you have solid double unders, and want to add some fatigue and the element of increased respirations, try “Flight Simulator”- 5 DU Unbroken, 10 DU Unbroken, 15 DU Unbroken etc…


Build Quickly to a heavy Dead Lift triple- 8 minutes


5 Sets of:
5 Dead Lifts @ 65% of your 1RM
6-10  Chose and Upper Body Pushing Option
Rest 1 minute b/t sets

  1. HSPU
  2. Pike Push Ups- feet on box
  3. Push Ups – feet on box
  4. Push Ups on floor


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