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17.2 Drops tonight and if you saw Dave Castro’s weekly hint photo, he’ll have you believing you’ll be gasping for a breath, sucking wind, suffocating or basically just another day at the office. Be sure you tune in and watch the announcement, get excited about, fire up some chatter over on the Facebook page and get ready to put the hammer down!!!

Watch the live announcement on the CrossFit Games site located here


Today can be a few things depending on what your plan is for Friday. IF you’re trying to achieve the best scores you can on the Opens workouts and we’ll assume you are, registered or not, you have two choices…

  1. Complete rest day. Eat well, hydrate, move frequently but stay out of the gym. Practice sound self care- get a massage, ART, see your chiro, mobilize and have a solid day nutritionally.
  2. Hit the gym and do a solid 30 minutes of dedicated mobility work on your entire body. Hop on a rower with a friend and chat through an easy 20-30 minute row or do some easy PVC and empty bar work. Little to no loading and easy peasy.

IF for some reason you are unable to come to any classes on Friday and will be doing 17.2 on Saturday or later, follow the workout below…


2 Rounds:
40 Cal Row
30 Wall Balls
18 Toe To Bar/Knee To Elbow


rest 5 minutes

4 Rounds:
20 Cal Row
15 Wall Ball
9 Toe To Bar/Knee To Elbow


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