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As we have done for the last few Wednesday’s today is another easy paced longer time framed aerobic and skill based day. The movement pool in the CrossFit Games Opens is presumably getting more and more shallow and there is a good to great chance we’ll be seeing Hand Stand Push Ups, another squatting movement and possibly a row in the near future.

Today, focus on mobility throughout the day as well as tending to any hand tears you may have suffered on 16.3.

I also want you to try an little experiment to show you the difference between taking it easy on a calorie row versus being a bit more aggressive. Set up your rower monitor to zeros and showing calories, then row to 7 calories in a nice and easy pace. Hit the Change Units button and notice how many meters it took you to row the 7 calories. Reset the monitor to zeros and showing calories. This time sprint the 7 calories. Look at the meters it took you to row the 7 calories. Makes sense to get on the rower with intent and focus on completing your work quickly rather than making it an extended rest period.


Class Goal:

Row 3K total in as many or as few sets as you like, while also accumulating 180 seconds in a handstand hold. This may also be done in as few or as many sets as you like.

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