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16.4 Drops tonight at!!!!  What is your prediction? HSPU? OHS? Thrusters? Make sure you log on to watch the show and see what’s in store for Friday!!


Today, should be either a full on rest day or an active recovery day. Mobility should be a priority for you. Samson, couch and cobra are three stretches that can give you a lot of extra mileage BUT only if you do them. So dedicate 5-10 minutes in the morning and another 5-10 in the evening to hitting these three.

Box Time:

Put our Crossover Symmetry set ups to good use and get some great shoulder recovery. Foam roll lats, quads and calfs. Stretch forearm flexors and extensors. Do a light warm up with body weight movements and keep things very light and work on some skills. Rowing and biking are good bets for today. Try not to do a lot of running if it is not something you do regularly.

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