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Today’s theme is “easy does it”.

Your goal for your class time today is:

Row a total of 3000 meters-

You’ll do that buy rowing 6 sets of 500 meters each. You should stay at a conversational pace throughout each set. In between each set, rest 3 minutes. Each of your 3 minute sets will have easy paced work within them. Choose two movements  for each rest period from the list below and plug them in however you like. No grinding reps, no racing your neighbor, just nice and easy, fluid reps 3-5 at a time and move on. You should be pretty fresh throughout and not destroyed when you leave.

Toe To Bar
Pull Up
HR Push Up
Wall Ball
Box Jump
Hand Stand Hold
Walking Lunge
Anchored Sit Up

Row 500
3 min. active rest pull ups & walking lunges
Row 500
3 min. active rest anchored sit up KBS
Row 500

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