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What is the most important part of your training session? What are your priorities?

Who is to say that the weight training you’re going to do in the second part of your training is more important than the stuff you just did in the warm up? Why is that more important? What’s your function in life? What are you trying to achieve? And for the number of goals that are out there, whether it be competing in fitness as a sport or just health and longevity, I think I can make an argument to say “Hey that warm up is more important than that set of back squats you’re about to do”. So as we move forward, let’s not overlook that and let’s not bias our training towards what we have always done. If you are going to do something in your training, it has to have a purpose. We warm up with a purpose. We condition with a purpose. What do you prioritize in life? Your training should be a conduit to help you meet those priorities at your personal best physically and mentally. You having a Coach that knows your priorities, knows your goals, knows your current abilities and meets you at that intersection is a recipe for ongoing success not only in the gym but in life. Coming soon…





Active recovery day as we wait for 18.5 to drop and the end of the 2018 CrossFit Games!!!!

Get into a an easy flow today, spending anywhere from 20-40 minutes mobilizing, hunting down tight or sore spots with a foam roller and LAX ball, light rowing and biking, easy bodyweight movements without a lot of concentric activity. Leave the gym feeling better than you arrived and ready to tackle the unknown.

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