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With 17.5 looming quite largely, being prepared means being as fresh as possible. You’re not going to gain any strength or fitness in the next 48 hours, but you can be virtually assured you’ll be fresh and ready to go by playing it smart today.

Option 1– take the day completely off and rest fully. Enjoy the amazing weather, get some sun, plan out this weekend’s food etc…


Option 2– a simple active recovery day done with intent. Pre-Game.

500 meter row, then... 2 rounds of:
4 Spider Man
8 KBS 
12 Air Squats


Samson stretch :30 seconds each side, then…


500 meter row, then...2 rounds of:
4 Push Ups
12 Sit Ups


5 reps each with an empty barbell

Good Mornings
Back Squats
Elbow Rotations
Strict Press
Front Squats
Straight Leg Dead Lift

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