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Active Recovery & Rest Day!

To deliver your best performance on would may very well be the toughest workout in the 2016 Opens series, you will need a rest day or at least a day that is based around active recovery and mobility work.


We have hit the likely movements that are possible for 16.5, worked on skills, and given work meant to correct posture and mobility deficiencies. Your job is to rest your nervous system, muscle-skeletal system and get your head ready for the final event in this 5 week long competition.


Redline will be open for all class hours and your coaches are there to assist you in mobility, active rest strategies and general skills. There is no WOD of today or directed work. Come in and free flow. Row, move, walk, talk, stretch, mobilize and be ready to throw down hard on Friday.


We will be resuming our good Old Fashion CrossFit Redline programming on Monday!!

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