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Congratulations to everyone on the last 5 weeks on the CrossFit Games Opens. Once again, the Opens have proven to be a worthy gate way for the fittest athletes on the planet to make their way to the Games.

It’s always a joy to see everyone each Friday Night Lights putting forth their best effort, supporting their friends and growing as athletes.

Can’t wait for next year!!!

Onward…let’s have some fun!


Warm Up:

Easy 200 meter run
20 Bird Dogs
10 Air Squats
10 Arrested Superman


A1: 14 Walking Lunges; rest 20 seconds
A2: Single Arm KB rack carry/gym length per arm; rest 40 seconds X 3 sets.


“Tail Pipe”
In 2 person teams, complete 3 rounds for time of:
Partner 1 – Row 250 meters
Partner 2 Double KB Rack Hold  (53/35)
Each person will Row and Hold 3 times.



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