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Warm Up:

3 Sets:

10 Side Plank rotations- if easy for you add light weight to top hand.
20 Sec Ring Row Hold
30 Sec Scap Push Ups from Elbows



A1: Glute Bridge DB Floor Press @21X1; 8-10 reps; rest 30 seconds
A2: Renegade Row 10 reps Alternating arms each rep; rest 2 minutes X 3 sets
B: Single Arm DB Complex- EMOM for 9 minutes:
DB Pwr Snatch + 4 Single Arm DB Push Press + DB Pwr Snatch -per arm
C: KB Swing Breathing Ladder:
Perform 1 KBS, take 1 breath
Perform 2 KBS, take 2 breaths
Perform 3 KBS, take 3 breaths
etc… up to 10 KBS and back down to one following the same Swing to Breath format.

Each newly added swing adds one additional breath. During the breathing ladder, you place the KB on the ground while taking your breath(s). You are also breathing as normal while you are doing your swings. As soon as you take the correct number of breaths begin your next set of KBS.

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