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Please help me in congratulating Talayna on her Regional performance this weekend!! If you were unable to tune in, in spite of an injury that likely popped up in the snatch ladder, she was tied for 3rd place after day 1 and had two heat wins along the way. Her competitiveness and heart were apparent and in abundance during every workout. She also smiled her through the pain and stayed positive. Although she finished out of contention for another trip to CrossFit Games, she showed everyone what a true competitor and ambassador to the sport she is. Great job T!!!



A: Front Squat- build to a 3 rep max. You have 5 minutes. Timer starts when you are at 50% of your 1RM.
4 sets:
Run 200 meters
15 KBS 
8 Pull Ups
rest 30 seconds b/t sets
Goal is to push on the run and be unbroken on KBS and Pull Ups.

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