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To scale or not to scale, that is the question…one of the most important tenets of CrossFit’s methodology is it’s universal scalability. One workout, scaleable for multiple fitness levels and populations. We scale to provide you, the athletes with the appropriate stimulus to allow for favorable adaptation to fitness. Included in this mission is to provide for your safety.

Favorable adaptation to fitness relies almost exclusively on intensity. Intensity is equal to power output. Power output comes from the movements we chose, the combinations of those movements and the loads we prescribe.

Each of workouts is built to ensure to it delivers the highest power output necessary to bring about those adaptations. The highest output necessary. NOT the highest output possible in all cases. One way for you to think about this from the view of a Doctor prescribing medication to a patient. Their goal is to prescribe the smallest amount of medicine necessary to improve their patient’s condition. It is NOT to see how much medication their patient can tolerate. This is the same way we prescribe fitness. We don’t want to see how much you can tolerate. We want to give the smallest amount of work necessary to improve your fitness.

There is almost never a need for you to ever scale up a CrossFit Redline workout. That includes increasing box jump height, adding sets or reps or increasing load. Doing so nullifies the intent of the workout, lowers your power output and ultimately will serve to slow down your adaptation to fitness. You basically made the workout easier, not harder.

Choosing whether or not to go RX or scale is also an important decision that follows the same thinking. Chose to go RX and turn a workout that was designed to take 7-9 minutes into one that takes 16 minutes means power output was much lower than intended and you missed out the stimulus the workout was designed to deliver. Going scaled here and delivering a time closer to 8 minutes would deliver a better workout and a greater return on your fitness.

The bottom line is this, if you feel the need to increase any part of a workout at Redline, stop, check your ego, remember that power output and intensity are keys to your fitness, leave the workout as it is and simply go faster.

If you have questions about whether or not to go RX’d or scale a workout, talk to your coach an they’ll asset you in making the correct decision.


Thunderdome Event 2
In 5 minutes find your max for the following  barbell complex:
1 Squat Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
1 Front Squat
Once the bar leaves the floor it may not return to the floor until the front squat is completed.
Rest 2 minutes
In 3 minutes complete max reps:
Wall Walks

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