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Whether Thunderdome is your very first competition or you have several under your belt, what to bring with you for each day of the competition can be a bit confusing. Second to that, you are accustomed to coming to the gym with a warm up and a workout prepared for you and now you’re looking down the barrel of 5 or more workouts and aren’t sure how to properly warm up for them.

I prepared this post to help clear up any confusion on both points so you can feel comfortable and confident going into the weekend.
Gym bag essentials- don’t be afraid to over pack or be over prepared for each day of competition. Whether it’s creature comforts like a clean shirt or must haves like your jump rope, go through your bag and check off these items:
-change or multiple changes of clothes (socks and extra shoes too)
-jump rope
-knee sleeves
-weight lifting shoes
-weight lifting belt
-Foam roller
-gloves or gymnastic grips
-athletic tape
-VooDoo bands
-LAX ball
-wrist support wraps
-toilet paper, personal items

Food and Fueling- now is not the time to attempt a pasta night carb load, or is it a time to go on a liquid diet of Gatorade and Pedialyte. It is important that you do not try to eat or introduce a new food that you have not already been eating on a regular basis. Competition weekends don’t allow much time for eating what you choose re-fuel with will have an affect on your performance. Protein shakes with a piece of fruit can go a long way when your day is: warm up, workout, re-fuel, relax, warm up, workout, re-fuel, relax…You can go out and get a good dinner each night but during the competition, the goal is portable, easy to digest foods that you are 100% certain will not cause digestive issues. Here are some things for you to consider packing in your cooler.
-Protein powder
-Carb source- fruit, Mashed sweet potato, white rice Dates, powdered carbs like Maltodextrin or Vitargo
-Lean proteins-grilled chicken, rolled deli meats
-Fats- nuts, nut mixes, avocado, MCT oil, nut butters
-Don’t forget to bring utensils and a shaker bottle or two
-cold beer for after it’s over

Post workout is about replacing some glycogen you lost, digesting well and getting relaxed. Don’t over do it. Blood flow diverted to the stomach for digestion is blood flow you could be using to contract muscle. You’ll be running on adrenaline and cortisol much of the day so just grab a bite and get comfortable and ready to do it again

Warm Ups- getting the right warm up can make a huge difference in your performance so here are some considerations for each of the four workouts that are known to us right now. Every competition’s warm up areas are different. Some are fully furnished with plenty of room and gear while others are sparse and cramped places where you will need to elbow your way in to use a barbell. Plan ahead after we see what is available to us. If quarters are tight and gear spread thin, be sure to allow yourself a little more time to get prepared.

Event 1- “Helen”- Running, KBS and Pull Ups
200 meter run; first 100 easy, second 100 a little harder
5 Push Ups + 5 Strict Pull Ups+ 5 Air Squats X 3 sets
5 Spiderman each leg + 5 Walkouts (each time bring feet closer)
:30 hang from bar X 3 (each time bring hands closer)
200 meter run
Couch Stretch- 1 min per leg
Pigeon- 1 min per leg
Ankle dorsiflexion – 1 min per ankle -KB on knee
Foam Roll Lats + :30 hang w/hands very close
Work in several sets of short runs with 6-10 KBS and 4-5 Pull ups; rest 30-45 seconds b/t sets. Increase intensity on each set and your final set should be at competition speed. Do enough to raise heart rate and get a sweat going but not enough to become fatigued.
Event 2A & 2B- Clean/Front Squat Complex + Hand walk/ Wall Walk
5 PVC Good Morning + 5 Air Squat + 5 Wall Outs
20 second Spiderman per leg
Goblet Squat X 10 w/3 second hold in the bottom- sit up tall
5 reps of each with empty bar:
Good Morning
Back Squat
Elbow Rotations
Strict Press
Front Squat
Tricep and forearm stretches to improve front rack position
Pigeon 1 min per leg
Foam roll lats
Ankle Dorsiflexion 1 min per ankle-KB on knee
From empty bar aggressively build the complex to a load that you are sure you can hit as an opener once out on the floor. If you struggle with getting out of the whole on squat cleans or front squats, lead with your elbows and that will help. From there, continue to build while hitting clean pulls and clean grip dead lifts. You will only have time for 2 possibly three good attempts at this one so be prepared to hit a solid opening lift to get a good score, then make a move based on how you feel.

Event 3- Bike, Rope Climb, Snatch
5 Air Squat + 5 T-push Ups + 5 Strict pull-ups
10 Walking Lunges
5 Spidermans per leg
Foam Roll Upper back
10 PVC Pass Through
5 Reps each w/empty bar
Good Morning
Back Squat
Behind neck strict press
Snatch grip dead lift
3 sets of:
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Snatch Balance
Pec Minor LAX ball smash
Couch stretch 90 sec per leg
Foam Roll Lats
Pigeon stretch 90 sec per hip
If there are no bikes in the warm up area, use walking lunges in its place. If no ropes, use a close grip pull up where thumb side of one hand sits behind the pinky side of the other and pull the center of your face toward the bar. Build from power snatch, to OHS to squat snatch.
Event 4- HSPU, Dead Lift, Box Jump
5 Walk Outs (feet closer each rep) + 20 second Spiderman per leg
1 minute Squat hold
10 Slow Air Squats
10 PVC Good mornings
5 reps each w/empty bar
Good morning
Back squat
Elbow Rotations
Front Squat
Straight Leg Dead Lift
:30 sec hang X 3 (each time hands closer)
Foam roll lats
Ankle dorsiflexion- KB on knee
Pigeon 90 sec per hip
10 Cobra Stretches
If able to practice HSPU do so in ascending alternating sets of 1, 2, 3 with dead lifts. Then do the same with Dead Lifts and Box Jump Overs. Finally put all three together into small rounds with 30 seconds rest b/t.


Today- if you are competing on a team or as an individual, keep it light and work on skill, transitions and fine tuning any problem points. You can work in an aerobic capacity but don’t push it. Get in, move around and get out.



A: Push Press Cluster  3. 3. 3. 3 X 3; rest 10 seconds b/t 3s and 2 minutes b/t sets.
Odd- Push Press X 8
Even- Anchored Sit Ups X 20

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