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For the rest of the month I would to try out something a little different here on the blog and then get your feedback as to its value to you and your workouts. Below the workout of the day I will provide some specific thoughts, recommendations, goals and insight for you to get the most out of the workout. So, be sure to read the blog, and let me know what you think. Thanks…


3 Rounds for time:
3 Push Jerks  (135/95)
4 Front Squats
5 Power Cleans
15 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups

On your push jerks today, try and go straight into the Front squat and get the squats unbroken in at least the first round. That’s at least one less clean you’ll end up doing each round.
Power cleans should be all singles to save some grip for the pull ups.
On the pull ups, aim for nice tight sets of 5.
Consider taking frequent breaks on the 30 push ups to keep as fresh as possible leading into the push jerks on the next round.

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