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Aerobic Base/Restoration

Don’t cherry pick today and not come in because it doesn’t look appealing or have any fancy elements to it. Days like these are every bit as important to your overall fitness and should not be over looked. Give it your full attention.


Warm Up:
2 Rounds of:
15 Calorie Row
5 Push Ups
7 Air Squats w/pause at the bottom
9 Sit Ups
12 Alternating Spiderman (6 per side)
5 Reps of each w/empty barbell
Good Morning
Back Squat
Elbow Rotation
Behind Neck Snatch Grip Press
Front Squat
Snatch Grip Straight Leg Dead Lift
1 minute of each:
Pigeon Stretch
Child's Pose
Couch Stretch

During the remainder of the class hour you will alternate between 3 minute easy rows where every 30 second you give 2-3 hard pulls and 1 minute of each Pigeon, Child’s Pose and Couch Stretch. There should ample time for several rotations of this. Today is meant to be aerobic and restorative. Do not load up a barbell and try to begin another workout after class. Your coach will stop you. We have a lot of work left to do this week so follow the plan.


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