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A: Push Press X 3 + Push Jerk X 2; rest 2 minutes X 4. Build this complex over the four sets.
B: EMOM for 5 minutes- Push Jerk X 1. Build this to a heavy single by the fifth set.
7 Min AMRAP:
3 Thrusters
3 Toe To Bar
6 Thrusters
6 Toe To Bar
etc...until time is called.

On both the push press and push jerk, your goal is to remain flat footed on the ground throughout the dip and drive phase. To accomplish this its important to flare your toes out slightly and allow your knees to track over your toes in the dip. This will lesson your need for excellent ankle and calf flexibility. Aim to seamlessly go from push press seamlessly into push jerks on part A.

On the heaviest sets of push jerk singles, begin with a solid front rack position with the bar mounted firmly shoulder to shoulder, be aggressive in driving the bar off of your shoulders, quickly lock out your shoulders and arms and don’t be afraid to squat slightly to receive the bar.

Choose a load for the Thrusters that you could handle for 21 reps unbroken. Rx would be 95 and 65. If you can’t go unbroken for 21 reps, its too heavy. A solid front rack with bar on the shoulders and driven by the hips and legs will save your shoulders for later rounds. Aim to get your first two rounds in unbroken on the thrusters and break into 2 and 3 sets from there on out. When you return to the bar, take a moment to gather yourself and then get to work.


Consider breaking up T2B into sets of three right away. Use a strong kip just like you would do for a pull up and close your lats down hard.

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