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Today will have a couple of different paths you can chose. If you have any doubts which is appropriate for you, ask you coach.

Option 1:

20 Minute AMRAP:
2 Muscle Ups
8 KBS 2pood

A Classic CrossFit Hero WOD- equal parts grinder and high skill gymnastic piece. The numbers here are suitable for going unbroken on for above average athletes provided they take a deliberate pause before starting each new movement. Put a solid kip to use early in the HSPU as this can become very shoulder intensive very quickly. This isn’t a workout you just cruise through. You have to attack it!



Option 2:

4 Pull Ups
8 HR Push Ups
12 KBS

On the pull ups its worth going unbroken as long as possible but also worth taking a moment to gather yourself when returning to the bar after the KBS. Make a conscience effort on the HR Push Up to keep a tight, rigid body that leaves the floor in one piece.

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