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A: Snatch Grip Pause Dead Lift; rest 2 minute b/t sets. 
Pause at 3' off the floor, just below the knees and pockets.
5 @ 75%
4 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
2 @ 90%
1 @ 100%
B: EMOM for 6 minutes- 3 power snatch
3 Rounds For Time:
12 DB Walking Lunges
10 DB Strict Press
8 DB Hammer Curls
6 DB Front Squats


For Part A- your goal is to set up perfectly for a snatch; chest up, hips down, lats engaged. Set up so the bar is over the junction of your toes and foot. As you begin your first pull, push your knees back out of the bar path, while maintaining your back angle and posture. Pause 3″ off the floor for 2 seconds, pause just below the knees for 2 seconds and again at the hip pockets. You should not be fully standing at this point, but in the same position we use for the dip on a push press.B: proper position and speed under the bar is the name of the game here. These do not need to be touch and go. Keep load manageable enough to finish the 3 reps in 20-25 seconds.


3 rounder: Use the same DBs throughout and yes, those are curls…


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