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30 Power Snatch for time

Rx Loads- 135 for men and 95 for ladies


This is a classic CrossFit Benchmark workout and tests a lot of fitness with just one movement. We have worked the snatch twice in the last week so you should feel fairly comfortable going into today. Your individual work capacity and efficiency will dictate how you go at this workout. Bigger sets for those with a larger capacity and high efficiency, smaller sets or singles for those still gaining footing. Any of these strategies can result in a good score. This over all goal is to be efficient. Yes, it may be a sprint type workout but if you waste a lot of energy getting to 10 reps as fast a possible, you won’t have much left for reps 20-30 when you need it.

Keys points we covered last week-

1. Keep the bar close to you. Every inch the bar moves away from you is like adding 10 pounds.

2. Get the bar to your pockets each and every rep. The higher we bring the bar before we jump the better.

3. Elbows to lock out before the feet hit the floor. This will keep you from pressing the weight which get more and more difficult throughout the workout.

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