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Thunderdome has always been a Redline event and this year was no different. From all of our competitors who always go beyond my expectations to the mass of spectators who so selflessly give of their time to be there to breath life into it all. It gives me a great sense of pride seeing all of the Redline shirts throughout the arena, hearing Redline athletes and teams being announced over the P.A. and ultimately seeing Redline athletes stand atop the podiums and receive credit for their hard work and talents.

A1: Half Kneeling Landmine Press @31X2; 6-8 reps; no rest b/t arms; rest 30 seconds

A2: 1 Ring-Ring Row @2020; 8-10 reps; rest 1 minute X 3 sets.

B: Pause Push Press @ 12X2; 3-5 reps; rest 90+ seconds X 3 sets.


3 sets:

14 DB Walking Lunges (55/35)

10 DB Dead Lift

6 DB Snatch (3/3)


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