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Don’t forget to join us this Wednesday at 6:30 for the First Installment of our new Barbell Club with Mike. Dial in your technique, find a little more power or just get in a little extra practice on the fastest lifts in the world. There is no charge for this so mark it on your calendar, be there and get better…simple.


Stay Tuned…in the next few weeks we will be offering a Pre-order for a limited production run of the Original CrossFit Redline shirt from 2008. The iconic winged skull CrossFit shirt is coming back, but this will be a one time reprint so be ready. T-shirts, Tanks and Hoodies will be available in this pre-order.


A: Front Squat Build to your new 1 Rep Max
B: Wtd. Pull Up X 5; rest 1 minute X 3. Any Grip
EMOM for 10 minutes:
Odd- 15 Air Squats
Even- 8 Burpees



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