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Some thoughts on the 2017 CrossFit Games.

The title “Fittest On Earth” can not be based on subjective measures alone or judge’s opinion like bodybuilding which is entirely that. It also can not be derived from a few similar events or skills like the Olympic heptathlon  or decathlon, both of which are comprised of running, jumping and throwing movements. It has to be completely objective while having a breadth and depth of events and movements significant enough to cull out the specialists, the lucky and allow the fittest to prevail. The 2017 CrossFit Games did just that with 3.5 days of competition and 13 events, with some of them being unknown to the athletes until minutes before. It was the single most complete competition of total fitness ever witnessed. Not a test of CrossFit. Of Fitness. They ran, swam, biked, cleaned, snatched, rowed, negotiated an obstacle course, climbed, completed a strongman event, sprinted, went longer distance, show speed, agility, power, strength and on and on in varying rep schemes, time domains and loads ranging from bodyweight to 600 pounds. When the smoke cleared Matt Fraser and Tia Toomey stood atop the podiums and left no doubt that they are the Fittest athletes in the World by any measure. The argument that aren’t the fittest, they’re just “the best CrossFitter” has never been more hollow or weightless than right now. The argument that the CrossFit Games is not a sport, it’s just “exercising for time” is laughable at best. Congratulations to every athlete who calls CrossFit their own and who show up every day to become better. Whether it is at your local affiliate or at the CrossFit Games, we are rewriting the book on fitness one workout at a time.


A:Tall Kneeling two hand Landmine press @ 31X1; 8-10; rest 90 seconds X 3 sets
B: Landmine row @22X2; 8-10; rest 20 seconds b/t arms and 90 seconds b/t sets x 3 sets


3 sets:

30 seconds elbow plank
rest 15 seconds
30 seconds side elbow plank right
rest 15 seconds
30 seconds side elbow plank left
rest 15 seconds
30 seconds reverse plank
rest 30 seconds

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