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Please make a note, This week’s Insanity Live classes are cancelled. We will update you here and on Facebook when classes will resume. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Aerobic Recovery-

Stay in an aerobic state throughout this workout by controlling your output. Rest as needed between movements, keep breathing throughout, don’t force extra reps and listen to your body. Aerobic means sustainable for a long period of time. I am giving you larger rep ranges to allow some individuality from person to person. If you are still developing pacing and your aerobic ability, stay toward the lower end of the range. If you are fairly aerobic, work up toward the top of the range.


20-25 minutes – Aerobic work, complete 4-10 reps of each. Steady work throughout.
Wall Ball
HR Push Up
Walking Lunge
Pull Up/Ring Row
DB Snatch
Row 10 calories
Various plank holds 15-30 seconds

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