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3 sets of 5 unbroken Squat Cleans- you choose the weight. Build each set. Rest 2 minutes b/t sets.


2 Rounds for time:

12 Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)

14 Pull Ups

16 Wall Balls

We’ll build on the Touch and Go power clean work we put in last week and turn it into a squat clean. Today’s reps need to be done unbroken, meaning you must keep your hands on the bar. Your goal should be to maintain as much correct form and technique as possible on each rep of each set.

Aim to complete the first round of Thrusters unbroken. This is well within reach for everyone. Breaking the pull ups into two sets right away will allow you enough downtime to complete the wall balls in one set. Before starting the 2nd round, take a strategic break to recover your breathing and to establish a solid set up over the bar. Being balanced on the first rep will set up subsequent reps.


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