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We will be doing 1 rep max testing on Monday of next week so please be there on time and ready to get started. 


A: Strict Press 1. 1. 1 X 3 sets; rest 15 seconds b/t 1s and 2 minutes b/t sets.
B1: Barbell Bent Over Row- supinated grip 10-12 reps @21X1; rest 20 seconds.
B2: Sumo Dead Lift High Pull 8-12 reps; rest 1 minute X 4 sets.


6 minutes of Odd Object Carries-

Using various dumbbells and kettlebells, carry them across the gym floor in as many different ways you can think of. Use similar and different loads, both arms at the same time and one arm at a time. Be creative.


Double KB front rack
1 DB overhead + 1 KB front rack
Double DB overhead
KB Front rack duck walk

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