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Congratulations to all of the Pos yesterday during the CrossFit Total!!! Great work!!!


A: Kang Squat @30X1; 5-7 reps; rest 90 seconds X 4 sets.
B1: DB Step Ups* @21×1; 4-6 per leg; 20 seconds rest b/t legs; rest 1 min.
B2: Front Elbow Plank 45 seconds; rest 1 minute X 3 sets.

*20″ box for everyone. DBs held at your sides. If you are able to use DBs, do bodyweight. If you are unable to do step ups at bodyweight, do a split squat from the floor.


3 sets:

Row 250 Meters
12 KBS-heavy
10 Goblet Squats-heavy
8 DB Hammer Curls
Rest 90 seconds b/t sets

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