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With Hurricane Irma lining up it’s final approach to Florida we will be watching forecasts closely and making necessary plans as a more accurate track is developed. If it looks like we will be anywhere within the cone of the storm, we will be closed on Friday to make our homes and families safe. Thank you in advance for your understanding if this becomes necessary.


A1: Cross Body KB/DB Step Up* @21X1; 6-8 reps; rest 20 sec. b/t legs; rest 1 minute
A2: Hollow body hold 30 seconds; rest 1 minute X 4 sets.
* KB held in front rack and DB held at side. Leg on side of front rack is the active leg.

B: Single arm DB Hammer Curl and Press @51X1; 6-8 reps; rest 20 seconds b/t arms; rest 1 min X 3 sets.
-5 seconds from the top of the press to the bottom of the curl.


3 sets:
12 Goblet Squats
20 FLR Shoulder Taps (right hand taps left shoulder, left hand taps right shoulder)
40 Double Unders
rest 1 minute b/t sets


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