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We will be closed on Monday January 1st. Happy New Year CrossFit Redline!!

Warm Up– 2 sets not for time

Gym Length Bear Crawl Forward
rest 30 seconds
Gym Length Bear Crawl Backward
rest 30 seconds


A1: Segmented Snatch Grip Deadlift -pauses at 4″, knee, mid thigh @3131; 3,3,3,3; rest 30 seconds – build from last week – positions are still most important
A2: Snatch Pull; 3,3,3,3; rest 90 seconds – slight build from last week
B: Landmine Single Leg RDL @4111; 4-6/leg; rest 1 min x 3 sets- build from last week and challenge your grip.
C: 3 Rounds – Move Steady
Double Gym Length KB/DB Cross Body Carry with KB (switch arms at the turn around) Cross body means one OH and one at side.
Run 400m
12 Toe To Bar, Knees to Elbows or Hanging Knee raise as appropriate.
10 DB Cross body Tall Kneeling to Standing per arm (20 total – switch arms half way) – light weight

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