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If you got out to the Box Battles event at the Marco Marriott this weekend you witness what amounted to an Adult Playground with some of the fittest athletes this area has to offer. Nearly every CrossFit gym from South Florida was there and the beach was packed with a thousand athletes and spectators. By the time the dust settled, CrossFit Redline earned 3 out of 6 podiums and once again proved that we are force to reckoned with here in South Florida.

Scaled Team-  Christine Gilbert, Lauren Bogan, Mark Gilbert and Chris Antonino took the 3rd place podium spot.

Scaled Team-Veronica Bertrand, Jessica Heaton Jessie Peterson and Jayme Heffernan grabbed the 2nd place podium.

Rx’d Team- Ashley Agostino, Megan Prato, and Coaches Pat Johnson and Jordan Vitale earned a 3rd place podium.

Congratulations to each and every Redline athlete who competed this weekend and showed just how tough you truly are.


A: Squat Clean Thruster- build to a 1 rep max in 10 Minutes.

B: With 75% of A, EMOM complete 1 rep the first minute then 2 reps the second minute until you can not complete the correct number of reps.


8 minutes @ 90+% effort

Row 150 Meters

5 Burpee Pull ups


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