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Put up your dukes and get ready for CrossFit Striking. The only class of its kind in SW Florida. I reviewed the lesson plan for this class last week and I can tell you, It’s well designed and will blow you away. Anyone that knows Coach Jose…or his infamous warm ups knows that he packs a punch (so to speak). This first class is FREE and will be $15 from here on out. Come be a part of what the others in town are already talking about.



A: Back Squat @ 30X1; 3-4; rest 3 minutes X 4.

B: In 7 Minutes build to a strict pull up max. Pronated Grip. If you do not have strict pull ups yet do…3 sets of 3-5 Negatives with a 3-5 second lower; rest 2 minutes b/t sets.

C: 7 Minute Push Up Challenge- Max reps Push Ups in 7 minutes.



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