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Thunderdome Prep:

With Thunderdome being 33 days away, it’s time to start narrowing our focus and getting ready for the specifics. Today, we will focus our efforts on Day 1, event 1…

I want this to be a mock up competition and have the time and preparation elements of a real competition. After your coach briefs your class, you will have 20 minutes of warm up and prep time. At that point you will be given one last briefing regarding the workout and will be able questions if you like. From there you have….

1 Minute to Find your 3 Rep Max Squat Clean.

Your bar will be pre-loaded by you and on GO, you have 1 minute to complete 3 consecutive squat cleans at the same load. They can be touch & go or they can have rest between them. You have 1 minute either way. If you fail on one of the reps, you may change the weight, BUT, you must complete 3 consecutive squat cleans at the same weight to receive a score.

Upon completion of the 1 minute, you will have 4 Minutes to rest. You will then begin…


Squat Cleans  


This event is for time and the loads are as follows-

RX  M-185   F-115

Scaled   M-135 & HR Push Ups   F-85 & HR Push Ups

Masters  M-95 & HR Push Ups   F-65 & HR Push Ups


Please post all loads and times to board.

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