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Every day that I am fortunate enough to walk into Redline, share some piece of knowledge, swap a story or two and work with each of our members is like a vacation for me. Seeing so many new faces around the gym is like finding new friends. Please help me in welcoming our new members when you see them. Let them know that we are so much more than just a gym. Many of our newest members are referrals from current members. If you know someone looking for a change, looking for something to grab on to or just looking for an amazing way to spend an hour a day…bring them in and let us tell them about CrossFit.



A: Strict Pull Ups – max reps in 90 seconds; rest 2:30 X 3


5 Sets- all out effort

5 Power Clean

8 Burpees As Fast As Possible

Row 20 seconds

Rest 4 minutes b/t sets.


Special Announcement!!!

On May 26th at 9am we will be hosting our Annual Memorial Day WOD. This year we have ordered custom shirts for CrossFit Redline. They will be a limited edition and we are only producing 50 of them. They will have our name on the front and the WOD name on the back. Theses one off shirts are $30 and are first come, first served. Ladies shirts are ladies specific cut and men’s are standard. As soon as an exact proof is available we’ll share it with you right away. Contact Alison to place your order.

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