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I have received so many great comments on the look and ease of use of the new website and I too couldn’t be happier with it.  I wanted a site that fit well with our style. A touch of class, nearly elegant and almost sophisticated….all while being moderately intense. I think we nailed it. The various pages are still being added to and edited but are fully functional. The contact forms are all active should you want to contact us regarding one of our services. Additionally, our blog has an easy to use comment feature and a like button. What better place to drop your thoughts on the upcoming workout or perhaps issue a class to class challenge. Thanks again for your patience in locating and get the site to load. So much more to come…

I love discovering talented people. Whether they are athletes, writers, musicians or mechanics its the development of talent that I am interested in. Hard work? Deep Practice? Hard wired? Lots of free time? I’m not sure. Probably a combination of both.




A: EMOM for 6 minutes Front Squat 65% @20X1

B: 1-10-1 KBS Breathing Ladder- a breathing ladder has you complete 1 KBS, then take one breath. You then complete 2 KBS and take 2 breaths. You will continue with this pattern of KBS and breaths until you reach 8 swings and 8 breaths. You will then come back down the ladder with 7 KBS and 7 breaths, continuing until you reach 1 and 1. Should you have to take an extended break that takes you out of your KBS/breath count, resume where you left off as soon as possible and continue. Don’t panic breath, just relax and do the work.

C: Mobility and cool down on your own. 


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