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Thunderdome Event #1 Iron Bar Prep Notes-Jeff & Anthony


Warm Up– the first part of this event has a high strength component and the second part dips into muscular endurance and will create high respiration pretty quickly. As with all with all warm ups include General, Dynamic and Specific pieces and don’t be afraid to break a sweat and raise your heart rate in the warm up area.

Hips & Legs- work from Air Squat, to Goblet Squat, to Front Squat with a speed focus to heavier front squat. Work cleans from the floor as well as from the hang and be sure you develop proper movement patterns by completing full squat cleans with no stopping of the bar in the power position. Heavy clean pulls and dead lift work above event loads can be a good CNS stimulant so don’t forget them. Just keep the reps low and intent high.

Upper body- for those completing HSPU, your wrists and forearms are your connection to the ground so be sure to give them attention. Tight triceps and lats will work against you in both the cleans and HSPU so mobilize them well to ensure the best possible rack and overhead position you can attain. For those doing HR Push Ups, using a lacrosse ball to floss, loosen and open up the upper chest is the best way to allow your hands to come off the floor easily and with minimal restriction from the pecs which will begin to tighten after the first round.

For the first part of this event – the 3 Rep Max Squat Clean – you must be absolutely ready to hit your 3RM at “3,2,1 Go.” Your warm up prepare you to step on the platform and hit it on the first try, so work up to a high percentage of your target weight (~90%).  For example, if you plan to hit 250#, you need to work up to approximately 225# in the warm up. Not only does that get you physically ready for the weight, but it also gives you a good idea whether 250# is likely to be successful that day. If you feel great at 90% maybe you decide to push it and go for more, or maybe that feels a bit heavier than you thought and you decide to go for a bit lighter weight. Remember, the key is to ensure the best score possible for that day and not completing three consecutive reps gets you no score at all, so be sure you can hit the weight you intend on going after! 
I would NOT suggest Touch and Go reps. You will get the extra momentum of the little “bounce” off the ground between reps but this also may lead to deficiencies in technique and/or loss of grip on the bar.  This could mean more failed reps and the possibility of not posting a score at all on this one.  You just don’t have the time for failed reps here. Instead, hit a rep and wait for your judge to call good rep. Drop the bar, take a couple deep breaths, and reset yourself in a perfect setup position. Repeat the same sequence after the second rep.
For teams, nothing changes from above. The only suggestion I would make is that whoever goes first needs to be the one changing the majority of the weights out for the other two teammates. They are done with their lift and have the extra rest time before the second part of this event. 

For the second part of this event – 12-9-6 FOR TIME of Squat cleans & HSPU (HR push ups for masters/scaled teams/scaled individuals) – it depends on where your strengths lie for the two movements. For RX individuals and teams, If you feel like squat cleans are going to be your strength and HSPU are a bit weaker, you need to really push hard on the squat cleans knowing that you will get your “rest” between reps on the HSPU. On the other hand, if HSPU are the stronger of the two movements for you, then you need to partition the squat clean reps to ensure you move as quickly as possible through the HSPU – hopefully going unbroken on these. You really need to excel at the HSPU to get a fast time if you struggle through the cleans. If you are good at both, then you need to push extremely hard because this is a fast event where every second will count. There is no time for much pacing if you are capable of moving quickly through both movements. 
The same thoughts go for the masters and scaled divisions; however, I will say that most will likely get through the HR push ups rather quickly. The key on those is making every rep count. Stay tight and don’t start “worming” your way up, which will lead to getting a “No Rep” by your judge. Push hard on this one and many of you are capable of going UNBROKEN on both movements so go for it and embrace the uncomfortable feeling you will certainly face!

Fueling- this workout as with all at Thunderdome, has a time cap. Although the work in part two is fairly high intensity it’s not at a duration that requires any specific pre or post workout fueling. Your normal pre-WOD formula is just fine and remember today is not the day to try out anything new or that you haven’t already tried. Post workout, it is important to know when your heat time is for event 2 to ensure you have a nearly empty stomach going into it. A protein shake with a bit of carbohydrate is fine here or stick with soft easy to digest food. Sipping BCAAs throughout the day will be a great help keeping hunger at bay while keeping blood concentrations high.



A1: 16 BB Overhead Walking Lunges- every 4 steps do 4 strict presses; rest 20 seconds

(hands shoulder width apart, strict presses, empty bar)

A2: Heavy Farmer Carry for 30 seconds: rest 2 minutes X 3-4 sets.

B: EMOM for 5 minutes- 5 Burpees each with an Air Squat attached.


Row 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 – rest is 1:1 so be sure to time each row


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