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06-02-14 “Snap shot” or Trend

Take any endeavor, and work at it long enough and you’ll end up hitting a rough patch where things aren’t quite going your way. This certainly applies to our efforts in the gym and with fitness. On any given week we do a dozen movements, use multiple pieces of equipment and train or attempt to train all aspects of our fitness from aerobic capacity, to power development to absolute strength. With so many moving parts to what we do on a daily basis, its not if, its when will you hit one of these rough patches.


One thing I want you to be aware of during these moments is whether or not your difficulty is a “snap shot” or a trend. 


Just not feeling strong today? Double unders tough for you on that workout?

These are examples of “snap shots”. Short duration but often highly frustrating periods of time that are not necessarily indicators of a larger problem.


Two weeks of low interest in training? One-rep max has dropped on two consecutive test days? These may very well be trends that should grab your attention and have you looking for answers. 


Next time you hit a rough patch give this notion a thought and determine for yourself where you are at.  


My favorite quote and one that fits nicely with this topic is “Talent develops in quiet places, Character in the full current of human life” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


A: Dead lift 8, 6, 4 TnG; rest 90 second between sets.

B1: KBS 12-15; rest 20 seconds

B2: OH Walking Lunge w/plate X 10-12 steps; rest 1 minute X 4

C1: 12-15 wall ball; rest 20 seconds

C2: AMRAP T2B or K2E; rest 2 minutes X 3.

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