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Event #2 Jedidiah The Pilot Prep- Jeff & Anthony


This event is probably the most straightforward of them all but it could also be the most uncomfortable.  The key is going to be a proper warm up and a keen understanding of sub maximal efforts in order to keep away from a critical drop off at any point during the event.  You must be consistent on the four repeats to ensure the best possible score. Now, the trick is not to go too slow and lose valuable seconds but you can’t go all-out straight out of the gate and blow up either.  Therefore, each 400m effort must be at an extremely high effort (90%+) but not 100%…it can be a tricky thing especially if you are new to competing or get caught up in the adrenaline caused by the yelling crowd and blasting music.  STAY WITHIN YOURSELF and find a gameplay that gives you the absolute best score.

For the warm up, I would include 3-4 sets of 20-30 second rows @97% effort with a few minutes of rest between the warm up sets. The goal is to prepare your body to use lactate as a fuel source for exercise, not a hindrance. Furthermore, you should be performing this event on a nearly empty stomach. You want to get blood flow to your extremities as quickly and easily as possible, and you do not want anything interfering with that. Following Event 1, some liquid protein recovery and some aminos to sip on should be plenty to get you through this event.  If you are really hungry, a few bites on a Larabar or protein bar should suffice.  Also remember, you must remain strapped in the foot straps between repeats so you won’t have the opportunity to walk around and try to “flush” the lactate between efforts.  That makes your pace, along with your physical and mental state, extremely important for this one. For teams, remember that each of you must row a minimum of 500 meters in whatever order you choose. From there you can rotate in any order and row any distances you like. 

Post workout fueling- the Pig Killer event that follows is another high power affair that to be completed properly requires little food in the stomach. Don’t be tempted to load up after the rowing even if you feel like you didn’t work that hard. Light protein shake with some simple quick acting carbs and keep your legs moving.



A: Back Squat- 7 minute build to a heavy single.

B: Back Squat X 1; rest 2 minutes X 5


12 Minutes @ 85%

4 T2B or K2E

6 Wall Ball

4 Thrusters

25 Double Unders / 50 Singles

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