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This is a 12-minute AMRAP for all competitors regardless of division. For all divisions except RX TEAMS, there is either a 20 (Masters) or 30 (RX/scaled individuals, scaled teams) Burpee buy-in before completing the AMRAP. For RX Teams, the buy-in is 150 Double Unders. 
For all divisions that must start with the Burpee buy-in, that will set the tone for how deep you go in this event.  You need to get through them quickly to get started on the part of the event where you actually accumulate your score; however, it’s also designed to tire you out as you begin on those thrusters. Most of you will be done with the Burpees within the first couple minutes, meaning you will have 10+ minutes remaining for the AMRAP. For RX individuals, you will be forced to really dig deep on this one. There isn’t much of a chance to “rest” within this one (unless you struggle with DU and have several trip-ups), so the main focus must be pacing. You must settle into a pace that allows you to remain consistent, hard and steady until the final 2-3 minutes, where it then becomes time to push hard and hold on to the end.  Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan within the workout based on how you’re feeling, and don’t stubbornly stick to a preconceived plan that is failing you. Trust your “feel” and your training.
For Masters, scaled teams, and scaled individuals you may be able to stay within yourself a bit easier with jump rope singles and knees to elbow. Use those movements to either speed up and take advantage if feeling good, or use them to back off just a bit to give yourself a bit of recovery before heading back to the thrusters.  Obviously in the team division, you will get more rest as your teammates are working, so there is no reason not to go at 100% when it’s your time to work.
For RX teams, the buy-in is 150 DU that can be done by one person or split amongst the team. Each team must decide what strategy is best. If someone is capable of going 150 DU unbroken, that gives the two others a chance to start the AMRAP nice and fresh. Again, depends on the team dynamic and strengths of the members.  Regardless of your strategy on the DU, have another teammate ready to step in right away in the event there starts to be some trip-ups.  The same applies to RX teams as scaled teams – when it’s your turn to work you have to GO! You will have time to rest as your other teammates work. The key is having a set order of work and communication during the event. Things can change – injuries can occur or someone may be a bit more tired than they thought and need some help.  Communicate and work to the very last second because every rep counts!


Today’s training will be an “active rest”. This doesn’t mean you get the day off however and don’t even think about cherry picking it. Your time today should be spent by warming up well and further developing a sound warm up you can use for next weekend’s competition, then time dedicated to skill work on one or more movements that are causing you trouble. It bears repeating that “skill work” is done in a low to no fatigue setting. Use the on the floor to coach to assist you and give you some pointers to work on. During your skill I would also like you to complete the following in no particular order….

20 TGU Alternating each rep

Accumulate 180 seconds in FLR- no sagging and no arching


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